Boost Your Reddit Karma, Get Leads For Your Business

By boosting your Karma score on Reddit, you can give legitimacy and influence to your social profile or brand. Even more, by posting quality posts and comments, you can redirect viewers of your content and convert them into leads.

Disclaimer: If you decided that Reddit is a good choice for your business, then try these tips out. See if it makes sense for your personal niche to spend time on maintaining and/or boosting your Reddit karma, and trying to secure leads within Reddit's audience.


Have you ever clicked on the profile of a Redditor because you wanted to see more funny /r/memes she posted (or so you told yourself)?

If you browse Reddit at all, you may have viewed several profiles of Redditors in response to a post or comment they made. If you notice the Karma score on their profile, whether it was really high, or close to 0, I can almost guarantee that your brain made the association with how influential, powerful, or legitimate the user was based on their Karma score. When we see users with a lower post count and karma, we tend to think less of their opinion, especially compared to someone with very high numbers.

Karma is earned by providing popular content, be it your posts or comments. When your posts/links and comments are upvoted, you gain karma, and its lost when people downvote your content. 

All of those points eventually tally into a score known as Karma, which can be seen either when hovering over a user's name, or at the sidebar in that user's profile. 

When you see a user with a lot of karma, you'll know that they are active in their community, and your brain might even immediately regard them as an expert in whatever field you might have seen their post in. 

This association is the key to having users trust your content and turning Reddit into a lead channel and conversion processor for your business.

Just compare the two accounts below, and see which one you trust more at first glance.


You're lying if you think that one account doesn't look anymore trustworthy than the other.

Complete your Reddit Profile to the fullest. If you do a good portion of your marketing on Reddit, as for all of your social media, it is in your best interest to fully fill out your profile in a detailed and creative manner, that engages people into your brand. 

This means you should definitely:

(1) Complete a full and useful profile/bio page

(2) Make posts and comments in subs related to your niche

(3) Boost Your Karma

For Reddit marketing, building your karma by providing useful links and comments is crucial.

Other reasons why a high Reddit karma is desirable, aside from boosting brand awareness and authority, is the potential to create more opportunities for leads, and to access some subreddits, there are karma floors if you want to create posts! 

So, if there's a particular subreddit you want to target for your marketing efforts, your Reddit Karma can't be any lower than that required for the community.

Using Reddit for Conversions

As digital marketers, one of the best marketing tips that great businesses and influencers take advantage of is that a social profile is everything now in the eyes of the consumer (the average individual). If you have a lead who checks your social profiles out, and there's something amiss, you can assume that the lead bounced out.

Comparable to Instagram, Reddit is one of those social media networks that can really drive home a business, brand, or individuals expertise in a subject by having really good content, backed by your credibility in the form of Reddit Karma, which shows users how well received your comments and posts are by other users on the platform.

When clicking on a business' profile, from a consumer's perspective, it's essential to see real humans from the business interacting with the community.

Make Your Posts Relevant: When using Reddit as a social media channel for your brand, it's important to promote content that's relevant to the subreddit “/r” community that your account engages in. This will undoubtedly increase the amount of Karma your posts receive, because people in those spaces will upvote content that they find funny, engaging, and useful to them. Because they'll only be in that space searching for something relevant, it's important to keep your posts relevant, lest you be banned from that sub. 

As a business, brand, or anyone whose life has dependence on some sort of social interaction (politicians, managers, etc.), you can be ousted for something anything you say or do on your social profile. Think back to 2018, when that politician liked and retweeted pornographic material. That didn't go well for him. 

Whatever memes and guides you post, or whatever comments you have, make sure you are creating that content on the correct social media,and that the content you post is socially appropriate for the audience it speaks to. What you say matters, so say it right and say it proud.

The biggest issues that brands deal with while promoting their social media content is avoiding being whack. Being corny, providing useless content, and trying too hard is a surefire way to get downvoted and not be respected in your community.

Please do your due diligence on your audience and appeal! It's okay for certain brands to portray themselves a certain way–like how Wendy's can get gangster and start shit with other fast food restaurants. But I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be taken well if a financial adviser looking for clients to treat her competitors with the same disrespect, and would even become detrimental to her business.

So when in doubt, think about Wendy's, and how they use human talent within their target demographics to outreach on social media. While you may not need to reach the same audience through the same messages, you should think creatively about how your brand can contribute to the digital communities that it thrives in.

You can hook someone onto your service if you answer a question that they have. Observe this post, where one Redditor cleverly attracts another user to visiting his website, which is where he can convert that view into a conversion for his brand or business.

Starting to get the idea? Targeted posts are just the beginning. 

You should also use comments to convert potential Reddit leads. By providing helpful, targeted comments, you can get referrals for a program you're enrolled in, a easy link back to your website, or a chance to turn convert a lead. 

Promoting on your posts is generally looked down upon, but it is more preferable to be done in the comments section, rather than in a main section of a post where you may seem more like a referral bot if anything. (You can always provide a non-reference link as well for those who might appreciate your transparency and still be able to include your reference in a main post rather than a comment. Remember, being an overall good soul will take you a long way in the world.)

Take our man, Designer/Developer, here for example. He took a chance after providing a helpful comment to offer a $100 coupon to the user he helped. A lot of the times, affiliates are able to give these coupons as trial offers, which lead into their conversions. (Other times, these people may geniuinely just be giving out their deals, so it pays off sometimes to be an active Redditor!).

If that user ended up using the coupon the Designer/Developer gave him, the Designer/Developer just scored himself some referral commission, a great way to earn passive and sometimes recurring income. We should all be like Designer/Developer. Designer/Developer makes use of every chance he gets to help another person out, and possibly make a conversion for himself along the way.

Why is Karma necessary for converting leads? Because, after reading your comment or post, your potential leads are going to check your Reddit profile to see if you're legitimate (e.g. not being a spambot, having high karma) to sort of “fact-check” what you wrote. The more legitimate you seem, the more authority your comment and your Reddit persona as a whole has. If you look like a noobie (new) account, who is to say that your advice is to be trusted? Karma on Reddit builds reputation and trust, and those with a higher reputation are going to be able to convert more leads than those with a lesser reputation. So, build that Reddit karma.


Reddit is a strong, community-based platform, where many people go back and visit these /r subreddit communities on a daily bases. This means that some people become notorious for their posts and comments on the platform.

Spanning from white to black hat, I compiled a short list of things you should or can be doing to increase your Reddit karma.

Create quality posts, a white hat method that shines the best and brightest. No amount of tricks will ever beat creating quality content that is recognized by your community.

Be active in your community, this means more than just creating good posts, but also responding to other peoples inquiries and comments sometimes even goes further than creating a good post.

When in doubt, use memes! Nowadays, there's a meme for every niche or topic, and people generally love them. Just remember to match the meme towards your target audience, maybe get an opinion from your girl or boyfriend next to you beforehand, and then enjoy reaping in karma just for having a sense of humor.

Join the subreddit, /r/freekarmaforyou, which is more of a Gray or Blackhat area zone. The karma isn't earned for the right reasons–it's just a bunch of people spamming posts and likes to earn more Karma, but if you can't get your karma count up anyhow else, you can always go for this route. Just make sure you start posting more high quality comments/posts later, so that the free karma posts aren't showing up in your brand's recent activity.

There are probably other subreddits similar to /r/freekarmaforyou, and do your research on your own to see which subs are active and that you can make good contributions in. New subs are made everyday, and their activity fluctuates, so just keeping to your interests and browsing the platform on a daily basis will serve you well.

Whatever you do, just don't purchase Karma from anyone on a web marketing forum or elsewhere–it simply just isn't worth the money when you can gain Karma in any easy way. You don't want to pay for someone to boost your karma, when he just went on /r/freekarmaforyou to rake up all he needed.

What Comes Around, Goes Around

Reddit Karma definitely is not the end-all-be-all of how you should focus your marketing efforts. If you're slowly but surely building your business' social brand on Reddit, I commend you. If you find yourself struggling to maintain a consistently high Reddit Karma, implementation of one or a few of these methods should not only boost your Karma, but can also expand your brand's influence on the Reddit traffic channel in meaningful ways.

Here's a *Bonus tip* for those of you who are active on Reddit. I spoke earlier how if your post or comment is really good, users sometimes will reward you with Reddit gold. However, if you did your part to spread awareness for Brave, and used your referral link to sign-up people so that you can earn up to $7.50 for tier 1 referrals in the form of the Basic Attention Token (BAT) crypto, other Reddit users who have Brave installed can tip you with cryptocurrency instead of Reddit gold (which rewards the user with real money, instead of fake, Snoo gold which costs real money but is worth nothing). 

If you're interested in using Brave in conjunction with Reddit, make sure you also read my guide on using the Brave browser to its highest potential so you can earn that sweet money while using the internet's fastest web browser. Remember, if we can stack as much legitimate crypto-currency as we can in our portfolio in a mostly passive manner, it will grow in the future and you won't regret it. I'm sharing this with you all, because we can all have a piece of this bread and my mission is to spread the love. 

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other ideas for boosting your Reddit karma, and for leveraging Reddit for your business. The comments are open for everyone who wants to throw down their Reddit usernames if they want other people to check out the content they have have on that platform, and maybe we can all help each other earn some Karma and discover new subs related to our brand's interests. I'll also be releasing a complete Reddit marketing guide, so stay tuned for that.

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