Content Creators, Monetize These Upcoming Blockchain Social Media Dapps in 2020

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Don't Sleep on Blockchain

Although the related concepts of “blockchain”, “cryptocurrency”, and “bitcoin” are finding their way to mainstream media, many people misguidedly to stay away from learning and investing their time in any of these innovations because of the many bitcoin scares and scams that have been circulating the news.

However, don't let fear-based propaganda stop you from learning about and using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. There are a plethora of jobs out there for blockchain and smart contract developers to know that digital currency isn't a scam, and will someday progress in society as more and more world leaders put their time and faith in crypto.

Crypto and blockchain technology isn't just for the technologically savvy, but can become an inherent part of the everyday internet user's digital experience. Now, many developers are creating social media networks and community sharing platforms with the use of blockchain–an integral use of the internet. 

Social media has shaped our era by allowing us to connect with others, express ourselves, as well as share and create content. Nobody could have foreseen how big YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook would become for content creators with the rise of affiliate marketing and digital advertising. Now, everybody is rushing to get on these giant, established networks to make it big online–and while they are still profitable and work should still be invested in these main social media networks, innovation is what will ultimately lead to the greatest success.

Why Blockchain Social Media?

As of now, there aren't many brands or influencers hopping on these decentralized social media networks (which means that if you were to start now, you'd be ahead of the game). A lot of the social media applications are still in development to increase transaction speeds and the overall underlying technology, but many of these networks have their own ICOs () and referral programs that can help you earn their cryptocurrency (which can be converted to any main currency) while also building your brand and/or gaining a following on these new social networks.

You have a better chance at becoming an authority in your field or niche on these newer platforms because basically everyone is starting at ground-zero. A bonus tip that readers should know is that the blockchain and cryptocurrency niches are quite saturated on these networks, but there isn't much else. At the time of this writing, blockchain social media networks are a great space to begin building your brand as an authority by dominating one of the following listed social media networks.

Upcoming Blockchain Social Media

If you want to discover more decentralized social media networks, be sure to check out this list we've compiled, which explains the best niches and methods you can use to earn cryptocurrency from these networks. For this article I chose a few general but trending networks that are worth talking about and easy for anybody to start monetizing on. 

(1) Steemit

Steemit is the blockchain equivalent to Reddit, boasting a similar categorized-forum-based system. The difference between Steemit and Reddit is that Steemit users can be rewarded for their content based on the number of upvotes that their contribution (either by a post, or a comment on a post).

Steemit is the blockchain equivalent to Reddit, boasting a similar categorized-forum-based system. The difference between Steemit and Reddit is that Steemit users can be rewarded for their content based on the number of upvotes that their contribution (either by a post, or a comment on a post).

(2) SNAC

If we're comparing blockchain social media applications to the current mainstream apps, SNAC is most like Instagram as it was in its earliest stages.

Some differences are that SNAC users are able to create communities–similar to Steemit/Reddit.

A new feature that SNAC implemented is the concept of “betting”. Every week, users can stake SNAC tokens that they earn and bet on which posts of the week were the best. Winners increase their SNAC amount, which can later be converted into PIA (FUTUREPIA's main cryptocurrency) or USD. The release of SNAC/PIA exchange is still TBD, but you know that G://HOSTFIRE will be the first to cover it when it releases. 

Visit: to download the app, and learn more about the SNAC and all of the upcoming applications that are going to be written on the FUTUREPIA mainnet.

(3) All.Me

MINDS saw a spike in their user-base after the scandals concerning privacy and Facebook. If you're looking to move away from the social media powerhouse but still value the general theme and ideology behind Facebook, you're in luck. MINDS provides all of the same features as Facebook, without compromising your privacy or using your data to influence the U.S. elections.

MINDS also has an embedded program where users of the application are rewarded for creating content on their platform.

Internal Cryptocurrency

Let's clear up some of the questions you may have before going further to learn about or even download some of these social media apps on your phone or computer.

For starters, why should anyone start using these networks? 

These networks have created a window of opportunity for 

Marketing Your Brand

Content creators, brands, and anyone who is trying to get into the digital marketing game can greatly profit off of putting social media marketing content such as pictures, videos, and blogs out on these different blockchain-based decentralized social media networks.

If you're a content/blog writer, I would suggest summarizing any content you create (dumb-it-down to a few paragraphs that are easily to digest, but covers all of the main points of your article), and provide a link at the end as a “source”. This provides a back-link and wave of social media traffic to your website/article, where you can better showcase a service or product related to your content, and turn those leads into conversions or sales. 

Pro-tip: I would also consider waiting a few days after writing the initial/main content on your personal blog or website before recreating that content on social media so that Google can properly rank and index your article before it ranks your social media post higher.

The Future of Social Media

LOVE is the new money, so keep doing what you're passionate about and the rest will naturally fall into place.


Social Media took the world by storm with the advent of Myspace followed by platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. The possibilities for niches to create their own platforms, as well as for larger platforms to contain all kinds of niches brings brands, content creators, and individuals the opportunity to bring their business and passions to different communities in a myriad of ways (photo, video, blog, stories, etc.)

Now, social media users can choose to bring their content to a decentralized network. The main benefits summarized are (TLDR):

1. Blockchain-based Social Media networks give content creators and brands an opportunity to reach out to a new audience on platforms that can potentially go viral.

2. Brands can establish themselves on a plethora of new networks to increase awareness, identity, and garner back-links for their main website or streams of traffic

3. Many platforms allow you to earn their platform's crypto by interacting with the network.

If you're able to generate awareness of your brand and potentially bring yourself in new prospects, G://HOSTFIRE considers that a win. It's a double-win if you're able to earn some cryptocurrency along the way that you can either invest in, or use as funds for continuing to develop your passion.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any ideas for or need help monetizing on blockchain-based social media networks.

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