Etiquette for Re-posting Your Articles in 2020

NOTE: This article is a living document, which means that we are constantly taking care of this article and updating it so that it has the best practices for you to follow, so please check back here if you ever have any lingering questions about blog article re-posting.

If your article re-posting game hasn't been very strong in 2019 and you haven't been feeling the benefits it brings to your seo and traffic, take this time to read this article and sharpen your techniques going into 2020.

Those new to article re-posting should know that it's essentially the art of spreading your content in more places than one. Blindly doing this can result in negative effects to the original article's seo, so learning the techniques is important but thankfully not at all difficult.

So, how should one begin their article re-posting strategy? When living as a digital marketer, do as the top-notch digital marketers do.

Start by making content. Great content.

As if that isn't obvious enough. But every great digital marketer, young and old will tell you: “Content is king”. It's right next to “buy low and sell high” for the #1 business advice. 

You'll hear that idiom more times than you really want to throughout the course of your digital marketing journey, but it's really for your own good. If you haven't realized it already, blog writing is an insanely good way to drive both organic and social media traffic to your website or business. A really well-written article can convert readers into sales, and really display one's authority and expertise on a subject. 

Taking that analogy of the king, posting these blog articles to your website and social media network informs your followers, or your kingdom, to read and learn more about your company or expertise. This is standard practice for any  A king, however, must also conquer new territories in order to expand his kingdom. 

So, when you're trying to build up your website, or your kingdom, it's a good idea to put your digital capital in several different spaces on the internet through the art of re-posting. This gives you a chance to reach out to new audiences that can become familiar with or even start following the content that you release. A king must also be aware of which lands he is to conquer next and why.

Re-posting an article from your blog takes care, precision, and good timing. Conquer new territory with this guide, unless you want Google to consider your original content a duplicate and diminish your viewership.


With the expansiveness of the internet, the possibilities of what audiences and locations you can reach are endless. Consider these as territories that your kingdom can conquer, with the help and smart direction of content (your king). There are an infinite amount of new apps, websites, blogs, and forums that you can directly have your articles and content republished, and increase viewership to your articles and other forms of content.

Below are some platforms where you can republish your articles to gain more traction and traffic towards your website that work for just about any niche.

As always, I suggest that you continue to do more research to find publishers within your niche. I've compiled quite a few for different niches here, and I'll always update with any that I'm able to find and verify works myself.

Medium's platform allows users to read and publish articles. Medium is great for any niche, and allow companies to have a home for their blog articles while paying affiliates for their writing and re-posts. Check out our guide to creating a captivating Medium page for your business.

If you haven't heard of LinkedIn, you are probably living underneath a rock in the professional world. Job seekers and professionals in every field has an account, and making use of their blog function can really drive leads to your business or develop brand authority within a niche.

Steemit resembles Reddit as they have the same forum and community structure (as well as a similar name and UI). The difference is, Steemit will pay content creators in cryptocurrency.

If you're interested in Steemit, consider using the Partiko app instead of the the developer's phone app for Steemit. It functions much better!

Remember that, in addition to re-publishing on these platforms, you should do your research to find more condensed, niche or region-specific forums or news aggregators that allow the re-publishing of content. One way to get ahead of the game is to be the first to research these new platforms and monopolize your target audience. I won't explain all of them, but click the links and delve into the communities that may be useful for your content to conquer.

Crypto, Blockchain, and Digital Marketing Niche

Video-game Niche

Fitness Niche

Also, be aware of the region that you're targeting and the specific articles you can repost there. An idea of this would be if you were a baking company that operated in Manhattan, and you posted one of your articles about the history of your delicious treats in Manhattan to the r/manhattan subreddit, instead of just a subreddit dedicated to baking. The more relevant you are and the better you become at targeting, the more traffic and leads you will see come in.


If re-posting content isn't done carefully, there is the risk of Google's algorithms determining that the original article that was posted directly on your website, is actually the duplicated content, rather than the actual re-post you did on another website such as LinkedIn or Medium. However, if you are able to re-post your articles correctly, you will receive the spoils of victory and obtain traffic and leads for your brand. 

The Risks Involved:

If done incorrectly, Google may determine that your original article is a duplicate of the re-posted content, resulting in a loss of organic web traffic to your website/original article source.

The Rewards Received:

If done correctly, increase of web traffic towards website/original source of article.

The original source will receive  done correctly, increase of web traffic towards website/original source of article.

Article outreach to different users on the publisher's platform, which more than likely has a larger audience than your blog or website.

Potential for monetary payment or reward for republishing article on their platform.

Now that you can see the rewards greatly outweigh the risks, let's delve more into how to re-post your blogs and articles (what you've all been waiting for).

THE CORRECT Way to Repost

1. Wait at least 2 weeks before you re-publish content on another platform. This is so that Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or any other search engine has the opportunity to index your website on their servers before. So, if you're just starting out on your digital marketing journey, you especially shouldn't be re-posting any of your content before your website is already indexed by search engines. 

2. Don't “auto” re-publish all articles onto each platform. If you have an auto-post bot or tool, you run the risk of not a unique re-post related to the original source. The trick to re-posting your articles is to create and post an altered and unique excerpt of your original article to the new platform, which is impossible to do with a tool that directly auto publishes your blog articles to other forms of social media.

3. Use the original article as a base for the unique re-published article. Then, be creative and change it up a little! To make the re-post a little more unique, here are a few tips:

a) Give it a slightly different title and tags if applicable. 

b) Use different photos or memes from the ones included in the original article

c) Include a sentence or two in the conclusion that relates the article back to the original source or your website

d) Consider your audience and write in a style similar to the top-ranking posts of that platform. That means it's important to get familiar with the platforms you chose to re-post on, and become active members of those communities (which is a surefire way to optimize your traffic and leads)

Of course, you don't want to change too much, which would defeat the point of “re-posting” your article, but in order to comply with search engine algorithms, it is important to make minute changes to the article to be re-posted.

4. Use tags when linking to your original work. On some platforms, this may not be possible, in which case adding a disclaimer at the bottom that has the URL of your original article and tags it as such would be sufficient.

However, on platforms that do allow you to use add a bit of code or HTML to your article, using:” />

somewhere in the article will indicate to Google that the original article is sourced from the above link, and that the article you are re-posting is indeed an off-shoot of that original. This will make sure that search traffic for your article will be directed to your website or the article's original source, rather than re-post source.

Use Medium's import tool to achieve this affect on Medium: 

5. Consider using a “Business Account” for some posts, and a “Personal Account” on other posts. If you're raving about how good a business is, it seems more legitimate coming from a personal account, rather than from the business account itself (which actually looks really bad). 

On the other hand, if you're providing a guide or some type of professional information, it might actually look better coming from a business account, and if the information is good, it can definitely boost your business' reputation!


If there's anything to take away from this article, it's these main points:

1) Re-post your articles to a few mainstream and niche-specific publishers, forums, etc. to widen your audience 

2) Don't use auto-publishing software, as the best practice is to publish excerpts of your articles with minute changes a week after the original article publication, so that Google does not detect your original article as a re-post of one of your re-published articles.

3) Don't re-post every article. Every re-post should be catered to each platform and niche that is the subject of the article, so be mindful of your audience, so that all re-posts feel natural and that they belong on that platform.

Google and other search engines routinely change their algorithms and have updates that may hurt or help your website's search engine optimization in regards to re-posting articles. If you've noticed something relevant to re-posting blog articles that we haven't covered here, please let us know in the comments and we'll give you a response or even include your query in the next article update.

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