Why Content Creators Choose Brave (If You Don’t, You Should)

The only compensation received for this post is that from the affiliate links that direct you to download the Brave web browser. I would receive compensation in the form of Basic Attention Token, and highly recommend that you reach out to your social channels and supply your affiliate link to your audience. This will spread the love and allow everyone to have knowledge of Brave so that they can start building their cryptocurrency portfolio. 

As compensation for becoming my affiliate, if you send me confirmation that you signed-up under me via e-mail ([email protected]), then I will send you portion of the compensation I received back as a thank you. If you’d rather not, please feel free to use the non-reference link below to download Brave.


Say goodbye to Google Chrome and Firefox and get hip with the future of web browsers: Enter, Brave. Brave introduces a courageous concept– auto-blocking advertisements and giving users a choice whether or not to view them. If that doesn’t impress you, what should is that by opting-in to view advertisements, users can earn cryptocurrency (Basic Attention Token, or BAT). Content Creators can earn more by linking their account to their websites and having users donate their crypto earned by web browsing.

You can check out their official download link here, and clicking this link will actually help you support me at no cost to you! Check the disclaimer for more details on how you can be rewarded for being my affiliate.

Just about anybody can sign up to be an affiliate for the Brave web browser, although its unknown how long they will keep this program running, so it’s best that you get started now if you’re a content creator or any individual looking to make an extra few dollars are start their crypto portfolio.


Maybe you’ve already heard of Brave and have it installed, or maybe you’ve just used Google Chrome or Safari all your life and never really gave thought to what web browser you should use (besides jumping ship from Internet Explorer/Edge as soon as possible, I’m sure everyone does that.) 

If you haven’t given a chance to the Brave web browser, let this be a PSA, wake-up call, or sign from the lord almighty that now is the time to finally check it out. With the release of their version 1.0 on both desktop and mobile devices, Brave has finally rolled out all of the essential features necessary to make their application stand out from all other web browsers on the market (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

Instead of viewing annoying advertisements on all of your YouTube videos, adult websites, and just about every monetized web page on the internet, Brave embeds an auto-adblocker feature so you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding the best adblocker for each video provider. This is useful to content creators who are looking for information, images, etc. on websites that are filled with trackers and advertisements.

This is probably starting to sound like the death of old web browsers (Not Chrome, however, because Brave used Chromium, the same as Google Chrome).

Not only that, but they also implemented a neat tool that utilizes your computer’s notifications to bring up Brave-sponsored advertisements if anyone chooses to opt-in. 

The reward for that is about 0.05 BAT for every ad viewed (5 ads can be viewed every hour). If you’re someone who uses the web a lot either for your job or casual browsing, you can make profits and even start building a cryptocurrency portfolio that grows along with Brave as its technology and audience advances. Creators can even reach out to Brave and have their website or content advertised!

More awesome features from Brave included amazing speed, disabling auto-play of videos and graphic elements, as well as script, cookie, and site-tracker blockers all auto-enabled and embedded into the browser. Functions that you may not think of everyday, but that web browsers use to sell your private data.

Set-up Your Earnings & Crypto Wallet

After downloading the Brave web browser, a little more set-up needs to be done before one can start earning from their affiliate link.

Sign up on Brave creators: This is a step that a lot of people miss. Use this link to sign up to the Brave creators program, which will let you link your wallet, website, and other social accounts to Brave so that you can start earning.

Set your currency. When your deposits are made from Brave, it goes through Uphold. Transferring your rewards to any currency other than Brave will take a fee from you, and because we see Brave growing in the future, we believe that it is best to keep your Basic Attention Tokens as Brave. Otherwise, you can check out our advanced guide to making the most out of the Brave, which covers this more topic more in-depth.


Did you get this far without installing Brave? Then I guess you can keep your clunky, lack of an embedded tor browser (if you ever wanted to explore the deep web), web browser if you want. If you just skipped to the bottom hoping you’d get a summary, well you got it.

By downloading Brave web browser and opting in to receive ads (which arent displayed on the web-page, but rather as an unintrusive pop-up notification), you can earn crypto in the form of Basic Attention Token as you surf the internet.

Now, when you go on with your daily web browsing, you can also start earning on your crypto portfolio with little to no hassle. Content creators can use Brave to their advantage by giving themselves another stream of revenue and method for their fans to donate to show appreciation for their content. If you want to learn more about earning Basic Attention Token, check out the next article on the subject: Earn More Basic Attention Tokens.

If you have any questions about Brave and want my guidance, or just want to share your experience with the new web browser, feel free to leave a comment!

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