YouTube Creators Need to Claim Their Channel on This Growing Blockchain D’App (Before Someone Else Does)

LBRY is a video content publishing platform and digital marketplace. YouTube creators can have their existing content synced over to LBRY to earn LBC, a cryptocurrency that can be traded for FIAT or other cryptocurrencies. Viewers and Creators alike are also able to complete daily tasks like watching a video to earn more LBC.

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Youtube + Patreon = LBRY

Decentralization is the future of the internet. With the amount of work being put into different cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications, along with the amount of money and support being put into crypto development by large companies, I have no doubt that decentralized apps like Steemit and Brave are going to take over the continue growing and becoming profitable to all users.

For the readers who aren't too technologically-savvy or to those who don't know too much about crypto and blockchain, allow me to ease you into that world by introducing LBRY. 

LBRY is a content publishing platform like YouTube, but is decentralized (owned by the Dapp's users rather than a central authority) and rewards users with LBC, a trade-able cryptocurrency, for watching videos and completing tasks. LBRY also serves as a digital marketplace (somewhat like Patreon, or for the adult audience, Manyvids and Onlyfans). This way, creators can charge viewers for content, which is a nice expansion for a platform like YouTube to have.

YouTubers Need to Claim Their LBRY

The founders of LBRY have laid out a reward schedule for YouTubers that sync their YouTube video data to the LBRY platform. This is so that they can grow their channel with popular vloggers and influencers. Since this is free money, you'd be stupid to leave this money on the table. G://HOSTFIRE is about reaping all the money we can get, so we'd be stupid not to take advantage of this opportunity (you would be too.)

If you want to claim your YouTube channel on LBRY to earn rewards, you can sign-up for an account here.

If you want to claim your YouTube channel on LBRY to earn rewards, you can sign-up for an account here.

Protect Yourself Against Channel Hackers

If you choose not to sign-up to LBRY, then somebody can easily take all of the rewards that your content would have and would continue to receive if you were to secure your channel on the platform.

The hacker would need to be able to verify that he/she owns your YouTube account, but if the hacker is able to access your e-mail then you may as well kiss your account and content theirs.

That's why it's imperative if you're reading this post and haven't done so already, to protect your channel and claim your LBRY account. Don't lose out on the crypto rewards you can gain from passively leaving your content on LBRY, and spreading your content to LBRY's pro-decentralization audience.

Why Everyone Should Be Using LBRY

Though it seems like this platform only benefits content creators, that's not true! Both creators and viewers have reasons to use LBRY over other video-sharing solutions, and we've listed why below.

Rewards Aren't Just for Content Creators

The LBC rewards from LBRY aren't just for content creators. Even regular viewers can earn cryptocurrency by completely daily tasks and watching videos. While the amount received may not add up to what a creator would see, it's a nice chunk of change for doing something that you normally already do (which is where the “passive income” aspect comes in!)

Daily rewards on the LBRY platform
Daily rewards on the LBRY platform

The Barrier of Entry is Easier Than Google Adsense

If you're struggling to get your videos/channel monetized on Google Adsense, then LBRY is a great alternative to start earning money on your videos. As a bonus, spreading publicity to others that your videos are now on LBRY can also get you some referral money, if you send the audience your referral link.

The LBRY platform is decentralized

Thus, owners don't have to worry about having their videos taken down for things like political views. One thing that is of caution, however, is that when this platform continues to grow, there needs to be someone curating these videos so that they can receive tags that videos are deemed NSFW or otherwise. While YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms have gone the censorship route, I believe that LBRY should curate these videos and only delete strictly illegal content, rather than questionable political views. That's just my two cents though, (or should I say LBC).

You already stream, so you might as well use LBRY

If you use YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion, there's no reason why you shouldn't give LBRY a try. It's going to grow to have mostly the same exact content as the YouTube platform (+more) and will pay users to post or view videos.

It's harmless to try, it doesn't take much work like setting up other crypto wallets and blockchain application accounts, and it's not going to change anything of your ordinary life!

Let us know in the comments if you checked out LBRY and liked it, have any questions on how to use or monetize the platform better, or if you just have any other thoughts that you'd like to share. We'd love to chat with you!


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